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Noblesse Oblige 2014


White Horse wines embody the strong heritage and high quality of Wölffer Estate. A powerful statement of pure beauty with great depth. Our Rosé is made in an Extra Brut style, with a seamless, harmonious elegance that goes on and on.

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Wine Profile
Vineyard Notes
47% Pinot Noir, 52.5% Chardonnay, 0.5% Merlot
Winemaker Notes
The color is a brilliantly shiny salmon and orange hue. The mousse is absolutely stunning, a firework of tiny bubbles. The aroma is elegant yet rich with hints of fresh strawberries, peaches, rose petals, beautiful creamy yeast and a fine toast. The mouth-feel is incredible vibrant with classic mousse and a wonderful rich mid pallet. Ripe fruit, intense acidity and creamy yeast are in a perfect lineup and the finish is long, sophisticated and bone dry - a classic Extra Brut.
Food Pairing Notes
Noblesse Oblige pairs well with caviar, oysters and any other fresh shellfish. It refreshes the palate between bites of buttery or creamy dishes, and meets the richness of smoked salmon and robust cheeses. It also pairs remarkably well with meaty main course staples and, of course, makes a lovely toast!
Other Notes
Appellation: The Hamptons, New York. Produced and bottled in Sagaponack, New York.
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