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Chardonnay 2019

Chardonnay 2019


Our Gold Label wines showcase the beauty of our maritime terroir at an outstanding value. A very versatile, food-friendly wine with great aging potential.

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Wine Profile
Vineyard Notes
100% Chardonnay grown on 4 different vineyard locations planted with Davis and Dijon clones.
Winemaker Notes
Light shiny golden in color. Beautiful elegant Chardonnay aromas fill the glass. Fine ripe fruit with a lush creaminess and abundant floral notes. The mouth-feel is ripe but delicate and very well-balanced. There is great ripe concentrated fruit feel, lovely skin and fine lees characters, and a wonderfully refined acidity. The wine has a medium body with clean and pure fruit and a long pleasing finish. This is the perfect Chardonnay for a hot Summer day and the most divine partner to food.
Food Pairing Notes
Serve slightly chilled with a variety of foods, including shellfish, lobster, crab cakes, and chicken, veal or pork. This vintage is the perfect wine to experience the classic pairing of Chardonnay and farmhouse cheddar.
Other Notes
REGION – Long Island, New York. Produced and bottled in Sagaponack, NY.
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